JSAMR is the official journal of the National Student Association of Medical Research. JSAMR is a high quality open access biannual journal that is authored, reviewed, and edited by students. We are proudly funded by the Wellcome Trust. Visit our main site for more information about NSAMR. Students interested in submitting articles or becoming in section editor can email the Journal Lead directly.



The aim of JSAMR is to provide a free platform for students to publish their research without competition from established researchers, and to give students experience of the journal submission and peer-review process. JSAMR also aims to incorporate new technologies into the publishing process. The journal seeks a wide range of articles with medical students as first author, which meet our high quality standards.

Why publish with JSAMR?

Many large journals do not publish audits, case reports, or studies with small samples sizes or negative results. More often than not, this is the only research experience students gain while at university. JSAMR aims to publish all articles in any domain related to the medical field provided it is presented and written at the same high standard that would be expected in a larger journal. Our rationale first and foremost is that it is important for this information to enter the public domain. Secondly, exposure to the journal submission/ peer review process is an important learning experience and can prove to be a valuable skill in the long run. Thus we believe that through this process, we can provide students with a head start and thus inspire students to pursue a career in academic medicine.